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Club Officer Training & Resources

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Club Officer Ethical Standards  (.pdf)

President 1st VP e-Book  (.pdf)

Club President Checklist  (.pdf)

Club President Checklist   (.docx Microsoft Word XML 2007)

Club President Checklist   (.doc Microsoft Word)

Club Constitution & Bylaws 2019-2020  (.pdf)

Blueprint for a Stronger Club  (.pdf)

Your Club Your Way  (.pdf)

Protocol Guide  (.pdf)

Secretary e-Book  (.pdf)

Club Secretary Checklist  (.pdf)

Club Secretary Checklist   (.docx Microsoft Word XML 2007)

Club Secretary Checklist   (.doc Microsoft Word)

Treasurer e-Book  (.pdf)

Financial Transparency  (.pdf)

Use of Funds Policy  (.pdf)

Membership Chairperson e-Book  (.pdf)

100 Recruiting Ideas  (.pdf)

Service Chairperson e-Book  (.pdf)

100 Service Ideas  (.pdf)

Guide to Club Project Development  (.pdf)

Global Action Team (GAT) Structure  (.pdf)

Officer Installation Ceremony  (.pdf)

5 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement  (.pdf)

Public Relations Resources  (.pdf)

Insurance  (.pdf)

Additional Liability Insurance Coverage Description  (.pdf)

Club Dispute Resolution Procedure  (.pdf)

Dispute Resolution Guidelines  (.pdf)

Lions Fact Sheet  (.pdf)